Kadeau Bornholm –  May 2019


Garden kale leaves
Turbot, sweet cicely and strawberry
Shellfish, meadowsweet, elm and pickles
Øland bread, lard and spruce
Oyster, blackcurrant leaves and green asparagus
Tomatoes, baked onions and dried lamb heart
White asparagus, horsemussel, potato and rhubarb root
Cabbage, walnuts and caviar
Scallop, hemp and carrot
Salmon, lavender and Havgus cheese
Wild onion shoots, lovage and angelica
Palthest, herbal butter and salted green figs
Kohlrabi, rose pollen, wood ants and lyme grass
Pork neck, blue cheese and green tomatoes
Bornholm ice cream and pine
Rhubarb, rose honey and cream

The menu: 1400,-
Wine pairing: 1000,-
Nonalcoholic pairing: 800,-


During the period July 1. – August 9. we will be open for lunch on Fridays and Sundays (note: not on Saturdays)

The menu: 1100,-
6 wines 1000,-
3 wines 600,-
Nonalcoholic pairing: 800,-



For information regarding allergies or dietary restrictions please contact our restaurant staff.