Kadeau Bornholm –  October 2019

Garden plate
Turbot, water mint and strawberry
Shellfish, meadowsweet and pickles
Oyster and wild herbs
Garden salad
Cabbage, walnuts and blue mussels
Scallop, hemp and carrot
Salmon, lavender and Havgus cheese
Firebaked onion, yeast and rhubarb root
Palthest, herbal butter and seasonal flowers
Kohlrabi, rose pollen and lyme grass
Pork neck, blue cheese and green tomatoes
Ice cream and pinales
Elderberry soup, whipped cream and roasted apples

The menu: 1550,-
Wine pairing: 1000,-
Nonalcoholic pairing: 800,-

For information regarding allergies or dietary restrictions please contact our restaurant staff.