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Despite being set in the middle of Copenhagen, we at Kadeau find our roots on the small island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Our aim is to portray the wonderful tastes and smells of our beloved island, in a contemporary setting dominated by the herbs, the crockery, the artwork and the ambience of Bornholm.

Rasmus, Magnus & Nicolai

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food & wine

the food


Approx. 20 servings - small and large
coffee and tea

The food: 1200,-
Wine pairings (incl. champagne): 1000,-
Juice pairings: 600,-


Snacks and 4 courses
coffee and tea
Minibank is only served Tuesday - Thursday for dinner and Thursday - Saturday for lunch

The food: 800,-
Wine pairings (incl. champagne): 600,-
Juice pairings: 350,-

the servings

-potato, smoked mackerel
-sourdough, lichen
-zander, spruce
-sunchoke, lobster
-cabbage, lumpfishroe, ramson
-beetroot, mussel
-celeriac, woodruff
-mushroom soup, verbena
-duck, beach rose, blackcurrant
-duck, hay, cress
-bread, home churned butter
-squid, watercress, leek
-onions, havgus, whey
-cabbage, oysters, rhubarb
-scallop, cauliflower, toffee
-cod, cabbage, butter
-deer, red berries, angelica
-toffee, sour cream, elderflower
-jam, spruce, blue cheese
-bread, quince, cream, beach rose
-beetroot, strawberry

other options

The high table
(max 10 persons)

All servings + a little extra
Great champagne, exclusive wines
Coffee, tea & digestif


Snacks and 3 dishes
1 glass of wine
Businessbank is only served for lunch Thursday - Saturday
the wine
We love wine

Big wines and small wines. Still and sparkling. Red and white. The most important place in our hearts is reserved for wines grown with a respect for nature. Wines that tell a story about the place they’re from, and sometimes also about the man or woman behind them.


We know many of the growers personally, and work with the most impassioned importers in Denmark.


We prefer wines from relatively cool climates, and wines that are driven by fresh fruit and acidic freshness. We prefer energy and elegance over power and muscle. Those wines go better with our food, and feel better on our palates.

Download winelist (pdf)

table booking
Dinner: tuesday-saturday from 18.00 - 24.00
Lunch: thursday-saturday between 12.00 - 13.30
Knuthenlund Native Cooking 2014
The Danish team led by Nicolai won the international chef’s contest at Knuthenlund on the island of Lolland, beating strong teams from France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Read more about the contest here
Dish of the year 2014
At the Danish Dish of the Year awards 2014 we won two prizes: Sea-dish of the Year and Service of the year.
We are extremely happy and proud.
Blogger visit !
The two food bloggers writing under the name of “Spanish Hipster” visited Kadeau Bornholm during summer. They wrote a very, very nice post about their visit.
Read it here
Summer’s gone…
…and Kadeau Bornholm once again goes into winter hibernation. We will see you again at Easter 2015 – but please come and visit us in Copenhagen meanwhile!
Rene Redzepi recommends Kadeau

In a recent interview in The Telegraph Rene Redzepi directs people towards Kadeau Bornholm for one of the best dining experiences in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

Read the interview here
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Photography by Marie Louise Munkegaard

All photos on www.kadeau.dk are the exclusive property of Kadeau and photographer Marie Louise Munkegaard. If you wish to use one of our photos in any printed or digital media, Marie Louise Munkegaard must be credited, and Kadeau must be advised through presse@kadeau.dk. Selected photos from the site (and a whole lot more) can be obtained in high resolution by contacting presse@kadeau.dk.
If you have any questions regarding our photographic material and the use thereof, please contact us at presse@kadeau.dk

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