NB: New Kadeau

On 17 November Kadeau will reopen next door at Wildersgade 10B in Copenhagen where a single menu will be served.

Booking is now open.

Prices and booking can be found further down this page.

Rasmus, Magnus & Nicolai

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food & wine


Approx. 20 servings
coffee and tea

The food: 1600,-
Wine pairings: 1200,-
Juice pairings: 700,-

Information about the content of allergenic ingredients in our dishes can be obtained by the restaurant's staff.

the wine
We love wine

Big wines and small wines. Still and sparkling. Red and white. The most important place in our hearts is reserved for wines grown with a respect for nature. Wines that tell a story about the place they’re from, and sometimes also about the man or woman behind them.


We know many of the growers personally, and work with the most impassioned importers in Denmark.


We prefer wines from relatively cool climates, and wines that are driven by fresh fruit and acidic freshness. We prefer energy and elegance over power and muscle. Those wines go better with our food, and feel better on our palates.

Download winelist (pdf)

table booking
Dinner: Tuesday-Saturday from 18.30 - 20.00
Lunch: Saturday from 12.00 - 13.00
White Guide 2015
The White Guide has named the Kadeaus the 3rd and 10th best restaurants in Denmark and little PONY the 26th best. We are proud beyond comprehension!
Visit the White Guide’s home page
All three restaurants open on New Year's Eve
Both Kadeau, PONY, and Eldorado will be open on New Year's Eve. More information to follow here and on Facebook...
The Falkon goes Bocuse d'Or!
in January our sous chef Morten Falk won the Danish qualification for the next European Bocuse d’Or taking place in Budapest in 2016. We are looking forward to following Morten Falk!
New Kadeau
New Kadeau opens on November 17th. The booking is now open. The adress is going to be Wildersgade 10B, just next door the current Kadeau restaurant.
Our new dogma-free restaurant, Eldorado, is going to open on November 26. The online booking is now open!
A Kadeau film

We have procured a little Kadeau film, which we think gives a good impression of the things we’re doing at Kadeau.
Watch it here

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Photography by Marie Louise Munkegaard

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If you have any questions regarding our photographic material and the use thereof, please contact us at presse@kadeau.dk

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