The backbone of our cuisine is the nature of Bornholm - the wild as well as the cultivated. We care for the traditions, yet strive to renew. We are ambitious and thorough, yet we will always be playful and ever exploring. Our cuisine is regional, yet we are inspired by the whole world. We follow the rhythm of the years and the cycle of the seasons. During growing season we work intensively with nature's changing supply, preserving as much as possible in the process. We preserve the natural ingredients of Bornholm, permitting us to serve up a tiny bit the Bornholm nature on our plates all year round. We constantly explore and develop our base of ingredients and techniques, in our storeroom as well as in the restaurant. We cultivate our own herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries, and collaborate closely with our suppliers.

We grow, harvest, preserve, serve, and love, Bornholm.

Rasmus, Magnus & Nicolai

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food & wine

lunch & dinner

Carrots, radish, black garlic and red berries

Lardo, thyme, cherry blossom and Korean pine

Seaweed cracker, cockles and pickled elderflower

Shrimp, blue mussel, rhubarb and rowanberry

Kohlrabi, spruce, spinach and rhubarb root

Oysters, sauerkraut and parsley

Salmon, elderflower and fig leaves

Fermented barley, beef fat and Havgus cheese

Tomatoes, seaweed oil, hazelnuts and nobilis pine

Herring, ryebread, rosehip and pickles

Scallop, horseradish, hemp and scots pine

Celeriac, caviar, white asparagus and ants

Duck, plum and bolete mushrooms

Beef, fermented pumpkin and bone marrow

Crème fraîche, raspberries and walnut schnapps

Beetroot, apple, mulberry and lymegrass

wine pairing

Our wine pairing is based on living wines from healthy grapes, grown without pesticides, herbicides etc. We like to work with small, conscientious and excellent producers, who work hard in the vineyard, and abstain from unneccesary additions in the cellar. As the wines reflect the menu, they can range from slim, fresh and crisp to voluminous, deep and complex, but always with an acidic backbone.

Open wine list (pdf)

juice pairing

Our juice pairing features fresh organic juices from Bornholm as well as preserves from our larder – flavours and aromas that excite the palate and evoke memories of summer and harvests past. With an approach based in wine, we strive to create pairings that are refreshing and balanced.

*For information regarding allergies or dietary restrictions please contact our restaurant staff.

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